CHALLENGE Productions is a company specializing in the creation of film, music and video, from concept and execution to distribution.

What’s so special about that? EVERYTHING!
Just because video is so immediate doesn’t mean it is simple to create. Talent and skill are required to make the most modest film or video production and make it believable. Talent is the key.

Anyone can blow into a trumpet or saxophone, but only Wynton Marsalis and Branford Marsalis breathe LIFE into an instrument!

CHALLENGE Productions has highly talented cinematographers, sound engineers, music composers, writers, producers, directors, editors, carpenters and the list goes on! Why? Because there is more to producing a believable image than meets the eye. The illusion of film, music and video is a craft evolving with the talent of the individual over time.

If you are serious about how you and your image are perceived in the business world you need a production company that is serious about all of the details.